Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Blogg

My birthday started off with a surprise sitting on my desk...

The school day started out with a serenade from one of my boys. He brought his mini guitar and plucked out "Happy Birthday". My heart melted, I couldn't believe it! I was then given homemade jewlery that I prouldy wore all day. During prayer time, the kids prayed that I would have the best birthday ever.
We then started off the day by squishing out pizza dough. It was so fun to see the kids get their hands dirty and sticky. Many of them had never made pizza before. The kids then had Bible class and I went off to bake the crusts.

When the kids came back from German or English Language Learner class, we started to put on all the toppings. It was so much fun...they couldn't wait to eat it!
Many "mmmm...'s" and tummy patting were going on while the kids ate their pizza. One little boy said, "You make the best pizza in the WORLD." I reminded them that they made it!
After we ate, we all washed up and my student pulled out his guitar again. He lead my other first graders in woship singing "Light of the Word." They all sang along as my heart melted once again.

After school, Reesa took me to Tacos Lopez where I ate the best enchilada verde of my life. It was so spicy and delicious. I came home and Skyped my family while Reesa made me a milk free birthday cake with marshmallow cream frosting in the middle and carob frosting on die for! It was amazing.

Wow, what a great day! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Concert

Tonight was our Spring Concert. The kids sang a variety of hymns. It's always fun to get the families together and I always love to see my kids dress up!
Aren't we cute?

Some of my kids with some primary kids.

Man, I wish I knew how to put videos up because you should hear how cute they sounded!

The night was great! Thanks Miss Stephen!