Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ace of Cakes

Reesa and I were asked to make a "book worm" cake for another teacher's baby shower. Bottom Book
Glazing the Cakes
Frosting on the "pages"
Bottom Book
Top Book
Covering a cupcake in fondant to make the worm didn't work..., we made the whole worm out of fondant.
Carrying the cake on the problem!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My New Classroom

I moved classrooms this year and now share a room with the ELL teacher, Leslie. It's fun sharing a room. It's just like the old days at Lewis Central. The book cases split our room in half. Me and 3 of my middle schoolers about to start up my Modified English class. I LOVE these kids!
Here's my quick attempt at a cute bulletin board. More effort will be given when time allows. The cute poka dot boarder was a gift from my lovely friend and roommate, Reesa!

Good Eats

Yesterday, my friend Rhea and I went to the Naschmarkt to grab fruits and veggies for the week. This is one of the health food stores where I get many of my milk free items.While shopping, we got hungry and needed a snack. We stopped for some falafel and hummus. I took a pic of my last one so you could see it. Mmmmmm....
Reesa had some artichokes sitting in the cupboard and decided to make some artichoke dip...vegan style so I could eat some too. It was made from tofu, nutritional yeast (for the cheesy flavor), spinich, artichokes and onion. was delish. We ate it with veggies and chips along with a Green Monster smoothy (frozen banana, frozen spinach, peanut butter, carob power, and soy milk).