Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Blessings Continue

Today, I had lunch with a dear friend of mine and she told me she wanted to be a monthly supporter! That means that I have 5 new monthly supporters!!! In addition to that, another supporter contacted me and told me they were increasing my support. I think that's 3 donors now that are increasing their monthly support!!! I am now pledged at 90%! Isn't God good?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Community Bible Church in Omaha

Today, I gave a ministry update at CBC in Omaha, my home church. I'm always very nervous before I get up to speak but today I just prayed that I would not be nervous and that He would use what I said be honored and glorified. Right before I went up my friend Dawna reached over, hugged me, and said a quick prayer for me. As I got up in the first service and started to speak, I noticed that the slide show wasn't working. I wasn't sure how I was going to give my presentation because the slides were going to help me remember what to say when. But overall, it went pretty well.

About a month ago, the director at the school told me to make a "wish list" including all my wants and needs for the special needs program. It's been amazing because God has been providing me those needs through people outside the school that don't even know about my wish list. After second service, a woman came to me and asked if there was anything I need for my classroom, like books to read. I told her that I was needing some books for my 7th graders that were reading at a 4th/5th grade level. She said, "Well, I used to be a 7th grade teacher and I have books at reading levels." She didn't say 7th grade until after I said I needed 7th grade!!! I knew it was from the Lord and that he was providing me with another thing off my list. God is so good.

There were commitment cards in the bulletin that people could place in the offering plate or hand to me. Through out the morning, a couple people handed me the cards and expressed an interest in joining my support team. One lady came up to me and said, "This is the first week I've ever been at the church but I'd like to start supporting you monthly." I left there with 6 new commitment cards and several others said they needed to go home, talk about it with their spouse, and pray about it. I even had some current supporters say they would like to up their monthly support! Can you believe it???

I've been praying for 10 new donors in the month of February. Today, I received 3 new monthly donors and several expressed they wanted to increase their monthly support. Praise God with me as I am that much closer to my goal of 100%!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Praise God With Me

I already have one new donor! Praise God with me and continue to pray for 9 more donors!

February is Raise Support Month!!!

Throughout the month of February, I will be raising support. I will be flying to Omaha to speak at my home church.

  • I currently have 76% of my monthly support pledged.
  • My goal is to get up to 100% in the month of February!
  • This is approximatively $500 a month I still need to raise.
  • That's just 10 new donors at $50 a month.

Will you join me in prayer as I travel home in hopes to raise my support???

As Hudson Taylor said, "The Lord's time for helping us must be close at hand."