Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shopping on Boxing Day

So the day after I got back from Paris I needed to grab some know, the essentials...lunch meat, soy milk, orange juice, and some apples. This was the line outside the only grocery store in the city that was open. All the other stores were closed because it was "Boxing Day" (the day after Christmas where everyone boxes up their Christmas decorations).

I had to wait outside because they were only letting so many people in at a time (because the stores here are pretty small). I had to slowly inch my way into the middle of the mob and wait for them to open the doors. They only opened half of the door so there wasn't a mad rush. As they opened the door there was a lot of pushing and shoving until the current of people finally swept me in.

Once inside, the lines were all the way to the back of the store. When you found something you wanted you had to ask the person standing in line to hand it to you. “No, no, that one…no over…yeah!” I saw one man join his friend towards the front of the line. It was funny to see all the people in front of me giving a disapproving nod.

Usually we stock up before a holiday, but I was in Paris for a week so that was not possible. Facing the mob was they only option. I'm in the middle of the mob pictured above.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas via Skype

This year my family Christmas was on Skype. Dustin and Alex (my brother and his fiancee) drove the two hours to my parents house in WI. I opened my package they sent me and they opened the package I sent them. I also got to see everyone else open their gifts.

Although I couldn't be with them all day or hug or kiss them, it felt like I was really there. In fact, my mom took pictures of me with them as if I was actually in the room. Ha!

My best friend Dawna was here in Vienna for Christmas. She and the rest of the Duerksens were here visiting Reesa (my roommate and another best friend).
It was a different Christmas but a great Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

On Christmas day, Carrie, Amanda, and I packed a lunch, ate it in front of the Eiffel Tower, then went ice skating in front of the Eiffel Tower. How many people can say that?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Break in Paris

This Christmas, I couldn't afford to fly back to the states so I spent it closer to home in Paris. Four of us from VCS went: Carrie, Amanda, RheaAnne, and myself. We met up with a teacher who teaches at Black Forest Academy in Germany: Rachel. It was a great time!

Not only was it great to be in Pairs, it was great to be on break from school!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Christmas Story

The Christmas holiday has been a great time to share with my kids about why Jesus came to earth. Each day in the month of December, we read a different children’s book about the story of Christmas. When I asked the kids why He came to earth one little boy raised his hands and said, “To be our sacrifice.” We talked about how Jesus came to earth to eventually die for our sins. Which is crazy because I have a couple of students who have told me they do not believe in Jesus. One of my Muslim students is quick to remind me that he is not a Christian and does not celebrate Christmas. However, in his Christmas card he gave me on Friday he wrote, “Jesus loves me.” So, my kids are hearing the gospel time after time.

On Thursday, I was helping my middle schoolers with a project they had. They were to compare Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. We made posters and when we got to Christianity I asked them what made a person a Christian. One said, “Well, at the end of your life if you’ve accomplished a lot I guess you can go to heaven.” Another said, “Well, if you do good things, I guess?” So, I took out the Bible and shared Ephesians 2:8-9 which states that salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done instead it’s a gift. Then I turned to Romans 3:23 that says we all fall short of God’s standards. They were stumped. “I don’t know, I guess” they replied. So, from there I was able to show them Romans 10:9-10 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.” Truth is, its not a complicated process at all. So, from that we were able to finish our project AND learn about salvation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Field Trip

First, we took the U-bahn (and had to transfer once.) This was the scariest thing ever. I had 12 little lives I had to make sure made it on to each U-bahn before the doors shut. I kept counting and counting to make sure I didn't lose one of them. We all made it there and back. (I have to block out this little boy's face for his protection.)
Next, we arived at the Rathous. Inside, we painted tea lights for Christmas gifts. It was so much fun!

Aren't we cute? I have to edit the picture for our little boy's safety. After the tea lights were done we went out side to the Christmas market.

Look at their faces! They are in awe of the candy! This is before one of them threw up on my pants. :-)

Me and "Miss Mac". It was cold and raining! One of our kind mothers bought us some kinder punch to keep us warm.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I'm Thankful For...

Yesterday was a great day to reflect on all the things the Lord has done for me this year. As I look back to this time last year, I had just heard that Vienna Christian School needed a Special Ed teacher and was still trying to figure out if this is where the Lord was leading me. In December, I sent out my first round of support letters. So many things fell right into place. My lease was up at the right time, I had just paid off my car, my parents had a place to store some of my things. I started to sell my things and they either sold for asking price and a couple times the people gave me more than asking price...when does that ever happen? My support came in a couple weeks before I was scheduled to fly out. And it was just evident that this is where the Lord was leading me. Once I was here, the Lord provided a great apartment and furnature. I'm living with a great roommate!

The hard part of this year was leaving my two jobs that I loved so much. I came here and wasn't sure what my purpose was. I went through many tears and frustrations. I had expectations that weren't met. I realized that I had a lot of pride in my old job. And I brought that pride here thinking I would be able to bulid this program with no problems. The Lord really streached me and taught me that I needed to rely on Him and that I wasn't as great as I thought I was. And for that, I'm thankful. I'm also thankful for my first graders who are the smartest and cutest first graders in the world! They keep me on my toes and they keep me laughing! I'm also thankful for my 3 special needs students...I pray that the Lord will allow me to show them they are able to succeed and there is no better way than to show them Jesus in the process!

I'm thankful for my family that I left behind. My dad had surgery a few weeks ago where they found some pre-cancer. He also got some skin cancer removed. I'm so thankful that they found it and got rid of it! I'm so thankful for my Dad! I'm also thankful that my mom was able to get her knee replaced. It was a long stretch of pain for her but I'm thankful the surgery went well and that she is walking again without a walker or cane. I'm very thankful for for my mom. I'm also thankful for Dustin (my brother). He and his fiance, Alex, are getting married in June. They just moved to a nicer part of WI and have a puppy named Molly. Dustin was able to get a keyboard and a computer to set up a new music studio. I'm thankful for my brother. Alex has been a blessing to our family. She is such a sweet girl and I'm thankful that she will be my sister!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Dish Out Consequences Because I Love You

Some how on Thursday of last week I started to explain to my class that the reason I gave consequences when the students disobeyed was because I loved them. Then that conversation moved to why parents punish us. From there I felt the Spirit moving to explain how we are all sinners and deserve punishment from God. From there we had a lovely conversation about how God came to earth to take that punishment away. We must have talked about this for a half hour (and this is a long time for 1st graders). The kids just kept asking questions! It was amazing! They were a little concerned that we weren't on schedule and we should have been doing phonics...but I explained that this conversation was probably the most important thing we could talk about! After that conversation, I could tell that the kids were still thinking about it. Questions came up in their journals....they were asking questions like..."What happens to people who die that don't know Jesus." It's crazy that little 6 year olds can comprehend something so big. And it's amazing that when kids ask these questions I'm free to have a half hour conversation with them about it...whether they come from a Christian family or not!

On Friday, I gave a detention to one of my middle school students for not turing in homework. When she came to serve her detention I told her I gave her that detention because I cared deeply about her and I wanted the best for her. She rolled her eyes (she's in 7th grade) and said, "I know Miss Braun...I know, ok?" This student is so far behind in school she has given up trying. My goal is convince her that she is capable of graduating and show her God's love in the meantime. This student's father is Islam and her mother claims all relgions are right. They have decided to let her choose whatever she feels like...and then put her in a Christian school. What an opportunity we have!

Please pray that the Lord would continue to open doors of conversation to share about Him.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How I Help my Teacher

Today's journal article was "How I Help my Teacher". One of my students wrote, "When I help my taecher I listin to her so I can learn something from her. I know math, phonics, reading, all ckinde of things. Also I learn'd something to God loves us so much."

Another one wrote, "I help my teacher when she can't remember where her things are." This is true! I carry things around my classroom and lay them down in strange places and then I ask the kids where I put it! Ha!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is How We Christmas Shop!

Today was my first experience at the Wiener Christkindlmarkt (auf dem Rathausplatz). Rows and rows of ornaments, nativity scenes, jewlery, baby items, name it! Since it's so cold out, they sell hot punch in real mugs. You can also get sandwiches, hot dogs, and candy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Festival

Last weekend was fall festival! It was a time for all the students to come come with their families for an evening of fun. Each teacher manned a booth. This is one of my students at the fishing pond. It was the weekend of Halloween and so I was picturing all my students coming in costumes. One of my students told me she was going to go home and get all dressed up. But what she meant was she was going to go home and put on a pretty dress! I manned the arm wrestling booth. One of my students getting beat by his sister.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Serving Coffee for Jesus

Last weekend, Reesa and I did an outreach at our church (Calvary Chapel of Wien). The goal was to pass out free coffee to people in the third district of Vienna. We just wanted to serve them and be a blessing to strings attached.

We had two tables set up. One was by a strassenbahn (train) stop and another by the airport. As people walked by, we offered a hot cup of coffee. Many were skeptical and asked why. My friend Nate would tell them, “two things are free today: coffee and God’s love.” Some would just smile and take the coffee others would stay and talk. Some wouldn’t even make eye contact and walked quicker if you tried to offer them a cup. J

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tour of my Flat

Hello and welcome to Reesa and my flat!

Entry way and kitchen. (Reesa made treats.)

Dining room.

We have a great view from our living room.

The toilet is never in the same room as the shower and the toilets are very different here. For everyone's sake, I won't go into detail.

On the left is Reesa's room.

My Bedroom

The view outside my bedroom window...looks a little like the view out the living room window. We can hear everything that happens because everyone's windows are wide open. I can't wait until the neighbor's baby starts sleeping through the night!

Thanks for visiting!

Shopping in Austria

Shopping in Austria is a quite an experience. They are "green" here so they don't give you bags you have bring your own. You fill your bags as you go through the store and try to decide...hummm...I would like that but do I want to carry it home? Once your bags are full and your back is breaking you go through the check out. This is also a hoot. They greet you and try to hurry you along by going as fast as they possibly can, piling all your groceries on the other side. They don't have baggers here so you must bag your the woman is piling them on faster than you can put them in your bag. You start to wonder how you got that much in the bag in the first place. Then as you're are frantically bagging the woman is long done and expecting you to pay her. So you stop, quick pull out your money, and in a jiffy she hands you back your change and starts checking out the next person and that persons food comes flying your way. Ahhhhhh, so you start loading your arms with the aquardly packed bags and all the items you couldn't get to fit back in them and head to a place designaged for repacking as the Astrian behind you is laughing at you because they know we aren't from around here. And that's only a third of the you have to get it home!
This was me riding the U-Ban after shopping at Ikea for the last of our house decorations. I have my purse held over my right shoulder, my teacher bag with two teacher edition text books, a large plant and an over filled bag with two pillows some fake flowers, candles, and other decorations. Try hanging on to all that and not topple over as the U-Ban starts and stops!Here I am carrying groceris home. Trust me...they were much more heavy than they look. The camera takes off about 20 pounds. :-) OK we are 2/3 of the way done...
OK, now we are home and the last part is fitting all that into the very small fridge (the freezer is in there, too). Once, it's all unloaded we sit down and think, "Whose gonna cook it for us? We are way to tired!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can you pick out the American in this photo? The little girl in the back two from the right was born in America but lived in Hong Kong and Ethiopia. Other than that they are all internationals. I have a couple from Zimbabwe, one from Uganda, one from the Philippines, one from S. Korea, and the others I can't remember. I have one who speaks no English at all. I have twelve students (one I can't picture and the other hasn't come to school yet). I am just loving these kids. They all are very well behaved (though squirrely) and have a great sense of humor. I get love notes and hugs all day long. What more could anyone ask for?

I have never taught first grade before and didn't know what to expect. I thought they would come in not being able to read at all. So, I sat down to see what words they did know by giving them an easy book with only 2 words on each page. The book was called "I Go." I said, "Can you read this to me?" and the little boy says "Benchmark A." Which was written on the top of the book in smaller letters. My mouth dropped open. Some of these students are almost a grade level ahead in reading.

The first day I had the students doing some writing. The project they were working on said I like _______. I thought, "Oh, I hope they can write at least one word." They wrote a paragraph! I told them I have the smartest 1st graders in the world.

We start off each morning with "Community Circle" where we share something about ourselves and then we have prayer time. It is so sweet to hear these little people pray for each other and praise God for each other. Truly amazing!

I will start up with special needs next week. I'm excited to dive into that. I have an hour and a half in the morning that my kids are at specials, German, and Bible. I have three students right now that need my help for sure, one middle schooler and two elementary. Others are going through the process. Please pray for me that I can juggle both positions well and that I'm not cheating my first graders or the special needs students.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going to the Doctor

Last night, I went to doctor because I needed refills on my prescriptions and it turned out to be the most interesting cultural experiences I’ve ever had. In social medicine its first come first serve. You can’t call ahead and make an appointment. Judie and I got there at ten ‘til 5 and they close the doors at 5. If you are in the door by five the doctor has to see you. So, sometimes Gabbie (my doctor) will stay for hours after closing to see all the people. Then she has to make her house calls to all people who couldn’t make it to the office. Next morning, she wakes up early and does it all again.
Well, if you like people watching you would have died to have been a fly on the wall in this waiting room. We had one couple making out (hope she doesn’t catch what he has!), a mother and her baby, one man who was so high on drugs he couldn’t sit up or hold his paper, a mom and her baby, an old woman, a man talking to himself and hoping everyone else would listen to him, and many others. I knew we might be here a while but thinking that each visit should only be 10 minutes like they are in the states I thought we would be out of there in a jiffy. Little did I know, each apt lasts 20-30 minutes. But this left many hours of entertainment for Judie and I…well, until Judie fell asleep.
The drug addict starts sweating and falling over and realizes he might not make it to his turn so he starts asking people if he can go before them (in german of course). Well, here in Austria you better follow the rules and no one likes waiting in a line. So the man would argue but no one would let him cut in line. Well the man talking to himself thought this was a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with the man. This was hilarious to watch because the druggie would get annoyed with the man who couldn’t stop talking and roll his eyes and yell at him but the man would keep talking to him even while he was passing out. I don’t think the man ever stopped talking the entire time! Here in Austria, you greet the entire waiting room when you come in and say goodbye when you leave. So it was funny to watch all the madness stop when someone would leave and say “auf Wiedersehn” and everyone would say it back and the madness would all start up again.
After four hours it was my turn and I got to see the doctor. Here, seeing your doctor is like going to visit your accountant. You sit behind a desk and talk about sickness then she gives you some options and you pick which one is best for you. At the end of the visit she would not let me pay her because I had to wait so long. So, all in all, it was a good visit, I got what I needed, and saw what seemed like a reality TV show.

Getting the Internet

YEAH! Today we finally have the internet. I'm so glad because before Reesa and I would have to go over to other teacher's houses to use theirs to call home or check email. Although the teachers were gracious we no longer feel like a burden. When we got here we were told that it would be "about a week." Well what that really meant was that it would be about a week until we would get into our flat. Then another week to meet with our landlord, then anoter week for a guy to come by the flat, then another week for him to send us what we need to hook up. So, I'm sorry for the lack of communication but now you know why! And boy do I have lots of stories to tell...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

What a whirlwind this summer has been. I can hardly believe that tomorrow I fly out. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Three weeks ago I stood in front of Community Bible Church (my home church in Omaha) and told them I was at 68% of my support and needed 80% to go. I prayed that I could just be at 80% so I could go and continue to raise support while I was there. But, the Lord has went beyond my request and I now stand at 98.6% of my support! Can you even believe it? I only need $32 a month to be fully funded! That's only $768 over the span of two years! I'm praying that that money would come in today or tomorrow. I know it's possible!

There are two girls that were planning to go to VCS this fall and are not able to because their support has not come in. Please keep them in your prayers so that they can be at VCS soon!

I remember when I was meeting with the recruiter at VCS and I had told her that the church I had grew up in was unable to take me on as a missionary and I was not well known at my home church. During the four years I went to church there I was either in grad school or working as an adjunct professor on top of my full time job. I feared no one would give to someone the did not know. She was honest with me and told me I'd have to work really hard to bring the money in. I sent out letters and that brought in some donors but not enough. I started calling churches and all but Sully Community Church told me they only allowed members to raise support at their churches. It was looking dim but I stepped out in faith and quit my job. My family and friends thought I was crazy and often times I feared that maybe I HAD made the wrong choice. I did many fundraisers but still did not have enough. I made phone calls and flat out asked people for support. That was the hardest thing! About a month ago the church I grew up in let me come speak at church and I sent out more letters. Even THEN I wasn't sure I would be able to go. In the last two weeks, people have called, emailed, facebooked, or sent in commitment cards. The Lord has truly done all the work!

But the thing I don't understand is why me? Why are there people who couldn't bring in the money but the Lord has allowed me to be so close to fully funded? I don't even have to raise support once I'm there. I was probably voted least likely to succeed when we all started raising support. I'm not the the strongest, wisest, or even the best teacher! I don't know why He chose me but I'm so glad that He did!

John Janett (the elementary administrator) called me a week ago and let me know I would be teaching first grade. Although I was recruited to go to VCS to set up a special ed program I am excited about this opportunity. He or someone else will come teach a class or two to allow me to get out and help those who need extra help. I will be assessing students and finding their needs. I will then get to the students when I can and be a resource to their teachers. Please pray that those students who need my help will get it and that I can be the best first grade teacher to these students.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visas, donations, and goodbyes,

On Sunday, I officially reached 80% of my support which means....I'M GOING TO VIENNA!!! Praise the Lord! 2 Cor 10:17 "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord." I'm now at 88% of my support and need only $300 more a month to be at 100% of my monthly support. Wow, God is good!

Yesterday, we got the very good news that all the staff for Vienna Christian School were approved for our work and residential visas. Once we are there for 2 weeks we will all go as a group to file our paperwork right there in Vienna. Praise the Lord, I don't have to drive to Chicago once again to apply for my visa before we leave!

In 8 very short days, I will be boarding a plane from Milwaukee to Chicago where I will meet up with Reesa and head to Vienna, Austria. I will be there for two years as I help set up a special education program.

Sunday night my friends Dawna and Tammy threw Reesa and I a going away party. I have also been slowly saying goodbye to my Omaha friends. Tuesday was a hard night as I said goodbye to Dawna and Tammy for a long time.

I'm submitting a plan to my mission organization that states how I will reach 100% of my support before December. If I'm not able to make it they will start to recruit for my position. Please pray that the remainder of my support comes in before I leave so that I will not have to raise support while I am overseas.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Community Bible Church

Today, Reesa and I spoke at Community Bible Church in Omaha. This is my sending church. We were commissioned this morning. I spoke about the school and where I was at financially. This is the poster I have been carrying around with me to presentations. I have 68% of my monthly support. The blue part is the support that has been pledged and the red stickers are what I have left to raise. I'm still in need of 3 $100, 3 $75, 4 $50, and 2 $25 a month pledges.

Reesa and I stood in the middle of the sanctuary and the congregation came around us and laid hands on us while Frank Fast prayed for us.

Frank had a great analogy about faith being like a rope. How thick does our rope need to be to feel secure? 2 inches? 1 inch? 1/4 inch? A quarter inch rope is fine when you are tying down a box but what if you were hanging off a cliff and it's the only thing keeping you up? In this economy, can you imagine what the world is thinking about where Reesa and I are at right now? We have given up our jobs, our apartments, our things, etc. WHAT WE ARE DOING DOESN'T SEEM LOGICAL! And even though I feel like I'm hanging from dental floss right now...I know it's gonna hold me up because God is hanging on to the other end.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


God has been teaching me so much about faith lately. If you have faith in someone, you feel confident about their ability or goodness. You have allegiance to them. You have complete trust in them. My faith has really been tested these last 6 months. I have given up my job, my things, and my place to live. I’ve bought my tickets and shipped my things to Vienna. I’m supposed to leave in 3 weeks, however, I’m only at 65% of my support. Doubt and fear have defiantly set in! Will my faith crumble or carry me through this time of uncertainty? The truth is, what seems so big to me, is not bigger than the God I serve! God has shown me before that he is in control and He will provide for me. He has always been faithful. Why would today be any different?

Luke 22:31-32 Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat; but I have prayed for you, THAT YOUR FAITH MAY NOT FAIL, and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.

Matthew 6:34 Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.

Hebrews 12:1-2 Run with endurance the race that was set before us.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday night was the Royal's game concession stand fund raiser! Our stand sold over $5,000 and I will get 10% of the profits. It was a lot of work but I had a great group of helpers. Thanks to Jean Vacha, Alissa King, Andrea Clark, Cody Bittner, Matt Paul, and Dan Bundrick!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here are my boxes on my skid. They leave for Vienna today.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My belongings are on their way to Vienna...

On Monday, I drove from Cedar Rapids (where my boxes resided) to Chicago to put my belongings on the container, and then back home to Omaha. I left at 5am and walked into my apartment at 10:30 pm. What made the day more enjoyable was seeing my friend Stacy in Chicago for lunch and having coffee with Mike in Des Moines.

Things have been different being back in my empty apartment. I wanted to flip the chicken I was cooking and had no flipper. I can't open my cans because I don't have a can opener, and it didn't dawn on me until my chicken nuggets and french fries were done in the oven that I had no hot pad to pull them out. It's been a hoot to find new ways of doing things. :-) But in all honesty it's been nice not having a TV or the Internet. It has given me extra time to read books I've been wanting to read and delve into the scriptures more.

Faith Bible Church

Sunday, June 28th I was able to present at Faith Bible Church where I grew up. What a great time! I got to see my 4th grade teacher, old Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, kids I babysat that are all grown up, and a couple of my best friends I hadn't seen in years. I've never felt so at "home."

After my second presentation, a couple I did not know came up to me and introduced themselves and told me they would like to support me $50 a month! What in the world! Who would have guessed! An old youth leader said, "Of course we are going to support you!" Then, one of my high school friends dad said he'd like to help monthly. One lady I didn't even know slipped me some cash. I also get a large sum of money from the church. I thought, wow! 3 new donors and money from the church I can split up into monthly support! Then, Christy (one of my best friends and the one I was staying with) went to HyVee to grab something and we ran into my school secretary from elementary school and she TOO said she and her husband would like to help.

It's like the Lord bonked me on the head (as they do in the V8 commercials) and said, "What are you worried about? I have this all under control!" I'm at 100% of my set up costs and over 53% of my monthly. (I still have yet to find out how much 5 couples are supporting me.) Oh, the Lord is good to me!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sully Community Church

On July 21st, I had the opportunity to go to Sully Community Church to speak about my trip druing the evening service. I was amazed when I walked through the door and saw 29...that's right 29 missionaries on their missionary board. What a mission minded church. They supported my parents while they were at camp.

There was around 15 people there that night. I wasn't expecting much but during the offering they gave $675. What a blessing! God provides for me in such surprising ways. A few weeks ago, I worked so hard on this Rummage Sale and raised a little money. Here I was not lifting a finger, just sharing my passion about this ministry, and people opened their wallets and wanted to be apart of it. Then about a week ago, I open my donor report and there was an anonymous gift of $1500. I can't even believe it! I'm now at 89% of my set up costs and 50% of my monthly. God continues to do amazing things and open doors that I never thought He would.

Thank you Sully Community Church!!!

Rummage Sale

Sorry for the delay...I'm just now getting pictures up! May 28 and 29 was the Rummage Sale Fund Raiser. Many people donated items and I raised $310 that went towards my set up costs. Praise the Lord. Thanks to everyone who donated and a special thanks to the Bittners who let me use their house and to Dan who was there the entire time to help! Thanks guys!!!

The view of me in the car with my boxes. They have traveled with me from Omaha, NE to New London, WI to Cedar Rapids, IA and next week from Cedar Rapids to Chicago, IL. I look forward to putting them on the container and forgetting about them! :-)
View from the rear view mirror.