Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My belongings are on their way to Vienna...

On Monday, I drove from Cedar Rapids (where my boxes resided) to Chicago to put my belongings on the container, and then back home to Omaha. I left at 5am and walked into my apartment at 10:30 pm. What made the day more enjoyable was seeing my friend Stacy in Chicago for lunch and having coffee with Mike in Des Moines.

Things have been different being back in my empty apartment. I wanted to flip the chicken I was cooking and had no flipper. I can't open my cans because I don't have a can opener, and it didn't dawn on me until my chicken nuggets and french fries were done in the oven that I had no hot pad to pull them out. It's been a hoot to find new ways of doing things. :-) But in all honesty it's been nice not having a TV or the Internet. It has given me extra time to read books I've been wanting to read and delve into the scriptures more.

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