Sunday, July 12, 2009

Community Bible Church

Today, Reesa and I spoke at Community Bible Church in Omaha. This is my sending church. We were commissioned this morning. I spoke about the school and where I was at financially. This is the poster I have been carrying around with me to presentations. I have 68% of my monthly support. The blue part is the support that has been pledged and the red stickers are what I have left to raise. I'm still in need of 3 $100, 3 $75, 4 $50, and 2 $25 a month pledges.

Reesa and I stood in the middle of the sanctuary and the congregation came around us and laid hands on us while Frank Fast prayed for us.

Frank had a great analogy about faith being like a rope. How thick does our rope need to be to feel secure? 2 inches? 1 inch? 1/4 inch? A quarter inch rope is fine when you are tying down a box but what if you were hanging off a cliff and it's the only thing keeping you up? In this economy, can you imagine what the world is thinking about where Reesa and I are at right now? We have given up our jobs, our apartments, our things, etc. WHAT WE ARE DOING DOESN'T SEEM LOGICAL! And even though I feel like I'm hanging from dental floss right now...I know it's gonna hold me up because God is hanging on to the other end.

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