Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

What a whirlwind this summer has been. I can hardly believe that tomorrow I fly out. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Three weeks ago I stood in front of Community Bible Church (my home church in Omaha) and told them I was at 68% of my support and needed 80% to go. I prayed that I could just be at 80% so I could go and continue to raise support while I was there. But, the Lord has went beyond my request and I now stand at 98.6% of my support! Can you even believe it? I only need $32 a month to be fully funded! That's only $768 over the span of two years! I'm praying that that money would come in today or tomorrow. I know it's possible!

There are two girls that were planning to go to VCS this fall and are not able to because their support has not come in. Please keep them in your prayers so that they can be at VCS soon!

I remember when I was meeting with the recruiter at VCS and I had told her that the church I had grew up in was unable to take me on as a missionary and I was not well known at my home church. During the four years I went to church there I was either in grad school or working as an adjunct professor on top of my full time job. I feared no one would give to someone the did not know. She was honest with me and told me I'd have to work really hard to bring the money in. I sent out letters and that brought in some donors but not enough. I started calling churches and all but Sully Community Church told me they only allowed members to raise support at their churches. It was looking dim but I stepped out in faith and quit my job. My family and friends thought I was crazy and often times I feared that maybe I HAD made the wrong choice. I did many fundraisers but still did not have enough. I made phone calls and flat out asked people for support. That was the hardest thing! About a month ago the church I grew up in let me come speak at church and I sent out more letters. Even THEN I wasn't sure I would be able to go. In the last two weeks, people have called, emailed, facebooked, or sent in commitment cards. The Lord has truly done all the work!

But the thing I don't understand is why me? Why are there people who couldn't bring in the money but the Lord has allowed me to be so close to fully funded? I don't even have to raise support once I'm there. I was probably voted least likely to succeed when we all started raising support. I'm not the the strongest, wisest, or even the best teacher! I don't know why He chose me but I'm so glad that He did!

John Janett (the elementary administrator) called me a week ago and let me know I would be teaching first grade. Although I was recruited to go to VCS to set up a special ed program I am excited about this opportunity. He or someone else will come teach a class or two to allow me to get out and help those who need extra help. I will be assessing students and finding their needs. I will then get to the students when I can and be a resource to their teachers. Please pray that those students who need my help will get it and that I can be the best first grade teacher to these students.

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