Friday, December 11, 2009

Field Trip

First, we took the U-bahn (and had to transfer once.) This was the scariest thing ever. I had 12 little lives I had to make sure made it on to each U-bahn before the doors shut. I kept counting and counting to make sure I didn't lose one of them. We all made it there and back. (I have to block out this little boy's face for his protection.)
Next, we arived at the Rathous. Inside, we painted tea lights for Christmas gifts. It was so much fun!

Aren't we cute? I have to edit the picture for our little boy's safety. After the tea lights were done we went out side to the Christmas market.

Look at their faces! They are in awe of the candy! This is before one of them threw up on my pants. :-)

Me and "Miss Mac". It was cold and raining! One of our kind mothers bought us some kinder punch to keep us warm.

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