Friday, August 28, 2009

Can you pick out the American in this photo? The little girl in the back two from the right was born in America but lived in Hong Kong and Ethiopia. Other than that they are all internationals. I have a couple from Zimbabwe, one from Uganda, one from the Philippines, one from S. Korea, and the others I can't remember. I have one who speaks no English at all. I have twelve students (one I can't picture and the other hasn't come to school yet). I am just loving these kids. They all are very well behaved (though squirrely) and have a great sense of humor. I get love notes and hugs all day long. What more could anyone ask for?

I have never taught first grade before and didn't know what to expect. I thought they would come in not being able to read at all. So, I sat down to see what words they did know by giving them an easy book with only 2 words on each page. The book was called "I Go." I said, "Can you read this to me?" and the little boy says "Benchmark A." Which was written on the top of the book in smaller letters. My mouth dropped open. Some of these students are almost a grade level ahead in reading.

The first day I had the students doing some writing. The project they were working on said I like _______. I thought, "Oh, I hope they can write at least one word." They wrote a paragraph! I told them I have the smartest 1st graders in the world.

We start off each morning with "Community Circle" where we share something about ourselves and then we have prayer time. It is so sweet to hear these little people pray for each other and praise God for each other. Truly amazing!

I will start up with special needs next week. I'm excited to dive into that. I have an hour and a half in the morning that my kids are at specials, German, and Bible. I have three students right now that need my help for sure, one middle schooler and two elementary. Others are going through the process. Please pray for me that I can juggle both positions well and that I'm not cheating my first graders or the special needs students.

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