Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Dish Out Consequences Because I Love You

Some how on Thursday of last week I started to explain to my class that the reason I gave consequences when the students disobeyed was because I loved them. Then that conversation moved to why parents punish us. From there I felt the Spirit moving to explain how we are all sinners and deserve punishment from God. From there we had a lovely conversation about how God came to earth to take that punishment away. We must have talked about this for a half hour (and this is a long time for 1st graders). The kids just kept asking questions! It was amazing! They were a little concerned that we weren't on schedule and we should have been doing phonics...but I explained that this conversation was probably the most important thing we could talk about! After that conversation, I could tell that the kids were still thinking about it. Questions came up in their journals....they were asking questions like..."What happens to people who die that don't know Jesus." It's crazy that little 6 year olds can comprehend something so big. And it's amazing that when kids ask these questions I'm free to have a half hour conversation with them about it...whether they come from a Christian family or not!

On Friday, I gave a detention to one of my middle school students for not turing in homework. When she came to serve her detention I told her I gave her that detention because I cared deeply about her and I wanted the best for her. She rolled her eyes (she's in 7th grade) and said, "I know Miss Braun...I know, ok?" This student is so far behind in school she has given up trying. My goal is convince her that she is capable of graduating and show her God's love in the meantime. This student's father is Islam and her mother claims all relgions are right. They have decided to let her choose whatever she feels like...and then put her in a Christian school. What an opportunity we have!

Please pray that the Lord would continue to open doors of conversation to share about Him.

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