Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Picnic

You know, often times I'm reminded that God didn't give me physical children but he DID give me spiritual children and I've had many spiritual children over the years. Today, we invited the mom's to school for a mother's day picnic. The day started off with one of my students bringing me cookies! (The Lord knows that giving gifts is my love language and He often reminds me how much He loves me by these small gestures from my kids.) Another student brought me these flowers and her mom told me "You may not be an actual mother but you have a mother's heart." This day was for the mom's! I had no idea how blessed I would be today!
Yesterday, the sweet girl pictured below made me those beautiful earrings I'm wearing in the picture. Today, she came to school so sad because her mother wasn't coming to the picnic. I was able to become her "stand in mom" for the picnic. Suddenly her tears turned into joy and that in turn brought me joy!
I must say, now that I'm over 30, the thought has crossed my mind that I may never really have a "mother's day". However, today I was proved wrong. I've been so blessed!


Elizabeth Stevens said...

Hey Friend,

I've been thinking about lots these past weeks and praying for a strong finish to the school year and time to REST this summer. I am so proud of all you've done for the kids and the school there in Vienna. God has given you an amazing ability to minister to your students! And you do it with such grace and cheerfulness. May you feel an extra measure of God's peace in the midst of these busy days. And know that I'm still praying that God will give you the desire of your heart to be a wife and mother someday soon! Much love, Liz

Christina said...

Mother's are defined in many ways ... your blog gave yet one more definition! You are loved ... christina