Wednesday, March 3, 2010

International Family Fun Night

Once a year, Vienna Christian School hosts an International Family Fun Night. Many of the students dress in their native traditional dress. The classrooms in the elementary each become a different country and the kids get their pretend passports stamped as they enter each room. There was food and music from all over the world! It’s a great way to learn about other cultures as well as get to see your own students dress in theirs! At the end of the night there was a talent show where many of the students did cultural dances or played instruments. Hana, with her sisters, played the drums and a symbol in a traditional Korean way. Blessed (the boy in the red to the right) did an African dance with scarves. Sarah did an Egyptian dance to a praise song with her sisters. And my little RJ did a Filipino dance with all the other Filipinos at the school. It was such a neat night! To the right you will see five of my little first graders dressed in their traditional garb.

I'm dressed as an American and Reesa is Austrian.

Here is Sarah doing and Egyptian dance.

Blessed is from Uganda and he's doing an African dance with scarves.

Hana is playing the drums in an authentic Korean drum song.

Sarah is half Egyptian and half Austrian.

This is Hana. She is our newest student from Korea and her English has come a long way in the last month!

Blessed is from Uganda.

Eli is from Peru.

Hanabel is also from Uganda.

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