Sunday, April 4, 2010


"He pled the cause of the afflicted and needy; then it went well. Is not that what it means to know Me?" declares the Lord. -Jeremiah 22:16

On March 28th, I had the opportunity to sponsor a high school missions trip from Vienna Christian School. 12 students and 5 adults met up with a team from an international school in Istanbul, Turkey. We went to a remote village called Cornesti in Romania to help out two missionaries named Doug and Roberta Moore. We worked and stayed at a compound for women and children in crisis. The home shelters women who have been abused. They help women keep their children, not abort or abandon them, and teach them how to be mothers. All the while, teaching them how they can find restoration in Christ.

A while ago, Doug was driving around the village on a hot day and noticed a man sitting under a tree with a blanket covering his legs. He stopped to ask him why he was covered up on such a hot day. The man explained that his legs had “gone bad.” As he lifted the blanket, Doug could see that gangrene had taken both legs. When Doug asked the man why he hadn’t gone to the hospital the man replied he didn’t have the bus fare.
At this time, Doug really felt burdened to get a medical van to take people to the hospital if they need it. He also put out a plea for donations of medical supplies. He now has a shed with a medical van and lots of medical supplies. Many have donated broken hospital beds and wheel chairs and Doug has fixed them. In fact, Doug has given away 6 electrical chairs.
Another time, Roberta was at church and gave her reading glasses away to a lady that needed them. After that, six other ladies wanted to know if she had more for them. So, they sent out another plea asking for used glasses. After a shipment (I’m not sure the exact number but I want to say…) 158 pairs of glasses and a bag of pieces came in they ran a clinic at a near by church. They had no equipment to find prescriptions so people just tried on several pairs until they got one that matched. Every pair of glasses were handed out that day. Then 3 more ladies came knocking on the doors and Doug had to tell them he was sorry they were out. The ladies insisted they had came as soon as they could and Doug got out the bag of pieces. He built 3 more pairs of glasses and sent those ladies on their merry way. The only thing that was left was a frame with a missing lens. They hear another knock on the door and it’s a man with only one eye. He swore he wouldn’t have believed it himself if he wasn’t there. He also believes that each prescription was meant for each individual that received those glasses. Now, he has over 2,000 pairs of glasses and someone even donated a machine that can find the prescription of your eye and the prescription of the glasses, allowing them to match glasses up perfectly.

It was amazing to see how God has provided for this growing ministry! We got to see only a glimpse of it while we where there for only one week!

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