Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 was the only day we had indoor things planed…and it rained. Again, we see Him at work. We a small group go on home visits out in the village the rest of us stayed to have tea and lunch with the elderly women. The elderly are not well taken care of and for some of these women it’s the best meal they will receive all week. We sat down to drink tea with the women and even though we did not speak the same language we just smiled and they hugged and kissed us. Lilly translated for us and some of the kids gave their testimonies. DK, Laura, and Hitchi lead music with some Romanian songs. We made some Chinese lanterns and pained eggs. We prayed with the ladies and served them lunch.

I got to walk with one the mothers to pick up a few of the kids from kindergarten.
After the ladies were gone, we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Then we gave out the donated toys we had brought with us. It was neat to see the VCS students be able to give out toy once they got to know the kids so each one got things they would really like.

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