Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 was a jam packed day. In the morning, we painted at a church called “The House of Prayer”. The church was in a village with no running water so we used a well and an outhouse. They had a small building in the back for Sunday school and a gate and fence in the front that needed painted. Other kids walked around the village picking up trash out of the ditches. Once 1:30 rolled around we were far from finishing our job. The kids were starting to worry that we might miss lunch, when the pastor of the church and his wife showed up with a feast. Noodles, hamburger, carrots, doughnuts, and SODA! Mmmmm…we ate well. When we thought we might go hungry, God provided for us in abundance.

When we got home there was just enough time to change our clothes and eat some dinner and VBS started. We weren’t sure how many to plan for so we had prepared for 80 kids not knowing estimation would be way over or under. Philis from the other team did a magic rope trick that shared the gospel and Nels gave the message with skits from the kids. DK did music, some led games, the rest of us did crafts. There were 79 kids in addition to their parents. We had 1 googley eye left! Is the Lord not totally in control?

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