Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 2

At morning devotions, Michael shared Isaiah 41:10 I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, srly I will uphold youwith My rightious right hand.

Day 2 started by sorting clothing and toys that were donated. A few minutes into it, I hear someone call my name, “Nicki, it’s Lilly, I went to Grace with you.” Wow, is it not a small world or what? Who knew I would be in this remote village in Romania and run into a girl I went to college with in Omaha! Crazy!

Lilly recruited me and the girls that were helping me out to go help with the kids. Lilly and I talked caught up and I told her I had been teaching special ed for the past 4 years. She said, “Oh, good, I could really use some advice, we have several kids here who need help.” Lilly teaches the kids after school since they don’t get extra help at school. God just confirms to me over and over the need for special ed teachers overseas.

After dinner, we handed out invitations all over the village to invite families to the VBS tomorrow night.

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