Friday, December 31, 2010

European Boots

Look at these boots. Aren't they wonderful? All warm and water proof.

One day last year I decided to wear them to work and then change into my nice shoes once I was at school. We take public transportation and have to walk a few blocks to get to school. So, I thought it would be nice to keep my feet warm.

Well, once I was on the U-Bahn (subway), I noticed people were staring at me. Now, usually this happens when I'm speaking English to someone I'm riding with but not today. They were staring at my boots. You see, in Europe, most women wear nice looking leather boots with a heal (maybe not the most practical but definitely the most fashionable). As I started to think about it, I've never seen a pair of boots like mine since I've moved to Austria. My bright blue plastic boots really stuck out!

However, I refused to let this bother me. I wanted to be warm. So, I continued to wear them. During the month of January, we take the elementary kids out ice skating. One day, when we were all getting bundled up I pulled these boots out of my locker and one little boy said, "Oh no, Miss Braun, please do not wear those!" Another said, "What are those, ski boots?" Another just pointed and laughed. But I proceeded to wear them, recess duty would not have been the same without them!

The style here is to wear your boots with leggings and a skirt, or over your skinny jeans. So, the first time I wore boots with my skirt one of my little boys said, "You know Miss Braun, you used to be a pretty bad dresser. But, now you're starting to do better." Oh good grief, I thought, everyone's a critic (even the first graders). :-)

So, when my uncle asked what I wanted for Christmas I asked for a pair of nice boots. I'm so blessed! No more stares on the U-Bahn and a much more fashionable wardrobe! Thanks Uncle Curt and Aunt Deb!!!!


leslie.kidd said...

VERY nice! ;)

Melissa said...

I'm rather excited for you about your boots. Super cute!

Lauren Rader said...

Where did you get those black boots? They are soo cool!