Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 3

This morning, I went back for another treatment for milk, however, she told me I didn't need it. So, I got treated for chocolate!!! She tested me and said, "Oh, wow, you're actually allergic to the coca bean." I know! :-)

Deb said I should try putting some milk in my hands...see how I react...try putting some on my lips...see what happens. So after my treatment, my brother and I went out for coffee. I spred some skim milk on my lips like lip gloss and just waited. I got a little itchy but thought, "I think it's just in my head." So, my brother and I got a pretzel.

Yep, the lady covered it in butter and salted it. Then we dipped it in cheese.

Now I guess we just wait, and see what happens.


leslie.kidd said...

Oh boy! :) can't wait to read more! You look great!!

Anonymous said...

Nicki - I'm glad it's going so well! I don't know if you heard but Jeffrey's Dad passed away. I'm in Colorado and would love to catch up with you by phone! Jeffrey's cell is 719-963-7890. The house number is 719-598-3990. Give me a call! Lisa