Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 4

I had a day off of treatment to go to church and eat lunch with some friends in Cedar Rapids. I've been eating some really good food.

THAT would be a club sandwich with CHEESE, french fries fried in the same oil they fried something cheesy in, and coleslaw which might have had milk in it. My brother's girlfriend, Whitney's parents took us out to eat and her mom was wondering why I was taking pictures of my food. I also ate one of Whitney's pizza... covered in CHEESE! Oh my goodness, it was greasy, salty, and delicious. MAN I've been missing out!

For desert, my brother got me a Drumstick. I can't even remember the last time I had ice cream...or chocolate! I haven't broken out from anything yet. It's totally AMAZING! Praise the Lord!

Today, I went back for my 7th and 8th treatments. I was treated for laundry soup, fabric softener, fabric chemicals (that are in your clothes when you buy them), vinyl, car exhaust (I know right?), acrylic, sunscreen, pool chemicals, soap, and deodorant. If it works, I will save lots of money not having to order my soap, sunscreen, and other things from a pharmacy up in Minnesota.

In between treatments, I went to Panara and ordered a vanilla latte...everything in me wanted to say..."with soy milk". I was actually scared to drink one with real milk...but I did and it was GREAT. Now, I'm gonna have to start watching how much sugar I eat... :-)


melmac said...

This makes me want to drive back to Des Moines and take you to ice cream! God is so good, I can hardly believe how different your life is going to be! Love you!

leslie.kidd said...

Wow! I'm so thankful all this is working out for you! Wonderful news! Praise God for healing!!! Love you! said...
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Reesa said...

This is so stunning! I can hardly even believe everything that you are already eating!!!! WOW!!!!! Bring on the CHEESE!!! :)

liz said...

wow! so happy for you!