Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Update

Well, believe it or not another month has gone by. God has been teaching me so much through this process. He has shown me that He is the source and my prayer life has been strengthened.

Reesa and I bought our plane tickets and I found myself squealing with excitement like a girl at Christmas time. We were able to get really great prices and we are even on the same flight!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Things are starting to wind down for me. The night class I was teaching is over which has given me my week nights back. There are 2 and a half weeks of school left. I do have 5 IEPs (special education paperwork) to write before then. So, my weekends have been full of paperwork. I'll be glad to see that done! In my "spare time" I have been support raising. I am currently at 39% of my one-time costs and 40% of my monthly support. The Lord is so good!

Up next: running a concession stand at a Royals game where all proceeds go to my ministry, a fund raiser at my church like a dodgeball tournament, a rummage sale where donated items are sold, and a home presentation as well as coffee dates in Cedar Rapids.

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