Sunday, May 24, 2009

There's no place like home...

There really is no place like home! As I drove into town and saw Mays Island, the bridges, the City Hall, and the Court House my mind was filled with old memories of the 4th of July. I drove past the history museum where a project I did in photography class hung. I went to Christy's (one of my best friends and roommate) house and we reminisced about old times and stayed up late watching chick flicks. The next morning I drove past both of my old houses and what used to be Drug Town (where I worked in high school). Ahhhhhh...the memories...

I had a home presentation to share about the ministry at VCS. Jenna and Jeff came with Riley and Mrs Grey came as well. They all had many questions and it was a fun time to catch up. After that, Christy and I went to a graduation party where I saw many old friends from camp. I was also able to share about my upcoming plans to many there as well. The Lord is good!

I am now up to 46% of my set up costs! Praise the Lord! And 40% of my monthly. All though the Royal's game fell through, the Lord continues to show me that He is in control and he will provide the way...He often needs to remind me that I'm not in control. :-)

Well, I'm off to go to Faith Bible Church this morning (my ol' stompin' grounds). Keep Reesa and I in your prayers!!!

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