Friday, June 4, 2010


On the Friday before school was out, we had an awards ceremony. Each student was given awards for things they were good at. Some got awards for academics, sports, music, art, name it.
If there were awards for being cute they all would have got one!

One of my students getting an award for all around academic excellence.

I'd post them all but they start to all look the same so I'll spare you.

Here is another student of mine who got the SALT award. This is given to one student who has a heart for sharing Jesus with others and encouraging other students in the class spiritualy. From the first day of class that was this student. She would come back on Mondays and share that she was out in the communty somewhere telling people about Jesus with her family.
Wow, what a great year with a GREAT group of kids. The second grade teacher is very lucky to get such a great bunch. They are so smart and so funny and I will have so many memories of laughing, dancing, cooking and eating with them! I love them all very much!

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