Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Vacation in the Dells

After we spent the morning skiing, we drove out to the Dells for our first family vacation since 1999. Our first event was the Tommy Bartlett show. Now, me and my brother used ski at the same time but he never let me ride on his shoulders! Mom, Dad and I got to ride a Military Duck that drives on land and in the water. It was pretty cool.
The Dells are really beautiful.
Dustin joined us the next day... He wrestled a bear and saved my life. Just kidding.
It wouldn't be a Braun family vacation without riding a fast boat! We rode a jet boat called the Wild Thing. It had 1200 horse power, did 360's, and had brakes that would make the water spray over the top...we were drenched by the end of the ride. It was pretty fun.
We went mini golfing.

A good time was had by all.


liz said...

You are cute! Keep enjoying your time!

melmac said...

Ahhh I miss your face! So great to "see" you and hear about all your goings on. Love you and miss you!